Yarn about kindy

Let’s yarn about kindy.

At kindy, your little one will build on the skills they’ve already learnt at home with you, their first teacher.

They will learn about language, social skills and nature while playing with other kids who can be from lots of cultures and backgrounds.

Your little one will develop a strong sense of identity and feel connected to their world as they become confident learners at kindy.

See and hear Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland yarning about kindy:

Toowoomba Elders and community leaders

Elders and community leaders in Toowoomba have come together to have a yarn about kindy. Watch the video.

Jim Jackson – Local Elder – Toowoomba

‘It’s absolutely great to see all the kids in kindy and you see them all wide eyed. They come to kindy ready to learn and you can see it.’ Read more.

Aunty Zona Martin, Aunty Irene Bevin and Aunty Robin Shipp – Local Elders – Toowoomba

‘I just love to see little kids having fun, out there playing in the sandpit, they just love it,’ said Aunty Robin. Read more.

Jeff Chesters – Community Leader – Toowoomba

‘Kindy is the most important part of schooling. These kids can learn from each other, they join together as a group of kids and learn.’ Read more.

Kevina Suey – Community Leader – Toowoomba

‘Kindy is wonderful, just the things they teach. We’re giving them a big step up and empowering them, making them stronger and ready for school.’ Read more.

Laurie Stewart – Community Leader – Toowoomba

‘If they can start off in a good environment like a kindy they’ll succeed. You walk in here, it’s like home, it’s like a yarning circle all the time here, it’s bringing mob together.’ Read more.

Shandell Washington – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mentor – Toowoomba

‘Having culture in early childhood is great for the little ones so they know where they came from and they can be proud of who they are.’ Read more.

Cunnamulla Elders and community leaders

Elders and community leaders in Cunnamulla have come together to have a yarn about kindy. Watch the video.

Uncle Cheesy Anderson – Local Elder – Cunnamulla

‘Early education is paramount to anybody’s development and growth, no matter what culture you come from.’ Read more.

Aunty Carol Mitchell – Local Elder – Cunnamulla

‘I believe all the littles ones should go to kindy and learn and interact with the other kids. By the time they get into Year 1, they’re experts.’ Read more.

Aunty Cindy Anderson – Local Elder – Cunnamulla

‘Early childhood is really important. Children are learning all the time, even two-year olds, one-year olds, they’re all learning from their parents.’ Read more.

Caitlin-Maree Spaul – Mums and Bubs Coordinator – Cunnamulla

‘Going to kindy helps them socially. Once they build their social skills it helps everything else. They go through all their school years with all the kids they met early on.’ Read more.

Julie Fox – Community Education Counsellor – Cunnamulla

‘I think it’s really important to be able to offer the children the knowledge, wisdom and education about their culture.’ Read more.

Reviving first languages

Community leaders and Elders in Toowoomba and Cunnamulla co-wrote the Let’s yarn about kindy campaign song with deep respect to all Elders and Traditional Custodians. Read more.


Published — 11 April 2019 Last updated — 24 October 2019

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