Touch – birth to four months

At birth, baby can feel better than they can see, hear or even taste. Baby’s brain development depends on touch just as much as it needs water, food and air.

Love baby with cuddles, gentle massage and skin-to-skin contact because:

  • this helps baby bond with you and have healthy emotions
  • it helps baby make a map of their body in their brain, so baby learns where touch is coming from
  • baby’s brain learns where the body is and how it moves
  • baby can learn to tell cold and hot and when something hurts.

Let baby suck and chew things that are safe and clean because:

  • baby can feel and touch best with their mouth at this time
  • baby uses their mouth to learn the shape, look and feel of things.
Published — 20 February 2019 Last updated — 20 March 2019

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