A place for parenting and family support

Early Years Places are a safe and welcoming place for parents and carers to access parenting or family support as well as health services and early education.

Leanne is an educator at an Early Years Place in Cairns where they offer a number of parenting programs.

‘They’re able to come here to access the health services for children and mothers, to access playgroup, to get some early support for their children,’ she said.

‘They’re also able to do things like contact Centrelink and utilise our family support workers to help them around a number of things.

‘It could be finances, it could be attending appointments, it could be anything.

‘Majority of Centrelink applications are done through the internet now, so having internet services available here for parents to access makes it easier.’

Leanne said a lot of the parents and carers feel nervous at first, but once they come into the service they feel a lot more comfortable and confident.

‘Some of the parents are quite shy and reserved, but then they have a chat with each other and they find out they’re going through similar situations, so they’re able to have a yarn about that,’ she said.

‘I think that’s the beauty of it, is that they’re able to have that time to sit down and have a chat.

‘I would just tell parents to come along and just have a yarn; they don’t have to come to enrol in a program.

‘If they want to just have a cup of tea and sit down and have a chat with us, that’s fine.

‘We have an open door policy, so if any families can call in, they’re able to do that.’

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Published — 08 November 2018 Last updated — 11 February 2019

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