A place to learn healthy habits

Early Years Places are a great place for children to learn and grow, but did you know they also offer parents and carers a mix of services, including cooking and nutritional classes with tips for packing a healthy lunchbox.

Jackie is an educator at the Early Years Place in Cairns who enjoys helping children and parents/carers to adopt healthy habits.

‘We do early years activities with the children and the parents, such as designing a breakfast food or playgroup menus, working with food, roleplay shopping, or we do physical activity together,’ Jackie said.

‘We also try to introduce new recipes to the parents where we can help them try new types of solids and vegetables with their children at home.’

Educators also help children learn how to stay healthy, like washing hands, eating well and getting enough physical play.

One of the mums who attended the Cairns Early Years Place said she enjoys the range of services she can access with her child.

‘The transport service is really good and other services like the clinics for the children check-ups,’ Mavis said.

‘The relationship is really close, it’s like a family basically with all the staff and even all the families that attend as well.

‘It’s all about coming in and having a look and just connecting and interacting with parents, staff and children.

‘Once you come in, you find out what they have to offer.’

Find out what your local Early Years Place has to offer – contact them today.

Published — 08 November 2018 Last updated — 11 February 2019

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