A place to access child and maternal health

Most Early Years Places offer different education, and child and maternal health services for families in their community.

Educators and doctors from Mt Isa, Cairns and Palm Island, Talicia, Trisha and Dr Stonehouse, explain the variety of health and development services available for families at each Early Years Place.

Talicia, who works at the Early Years Place in Mt Isa, says there are many health services that families can access.

‘We have antenatal, immunisation health checks and a range of services that come into our centre, such as a podiatrist, dieticians, diabetes educator, and we also have a healthy skin clinic here,’ Talicia said.

‘It’s changing the way we’re here to help the community and help our mob get to where they want to be in future.’

Cairns educator Trisha said their centre offers developmental support as well.

‘If children need a little extra help or support with their development, we’ve got the team to work with the parents, work with us, and work with the child on helping them reach their developmental stages,’ Trisha said.

‘If we’ve got children who have difficulties with their speech or difficulties with global developmental delays, we can access the team here.’

One of the doctors at the Palm Island Early Years Place said the health services are for the whole family.

‘We really like to have a holistic, integrated centre because you can’t look after one person in the family and not look after everybody else,’ Dr Stonehouse said.

‘The whole family ends up getting a health check.

‘It’s important for people to feel comfortable in a service in their own community.’

All Early Years Places offer different services, so be sure to contact your local Early Years Place to see what you can access for your family.

Published — 08 November 2018 Last updated — 11 February 2019

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