Physical development – 4 to 12 months old

The physical pathways in bub’s brain are slowly growing.

Bub needs practise so the brain can work out the quickest and smoothest way to make the body move.

Bub is much better at seeing objects and knowing where their arm is placed, so bub can reach for objects.

At around 9 months old, bub learns to sense where objects are and will no longer need to look at them when reaching.

The part of bub’s brain that controls movement is developing from top down, so bub learns to control movements in the arms (reach, grasp) followed by the legs (crawl, walk).

Give bub massages because this gives the brain information to move the body.

Give bub time on their back because a part of the brain causes bub to kick legs, so bub gets practise walking without having to support their own weight.

Make sure bub has enough to eat and sleep because bub must be in the right mood to exercise – not hungry or fussy.

Published — 22 March 2019 Last updated — 22 March 2019

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