Overcoming language barriers

You can create opportunities for your child to learn English before they start school by learning in the home, attending playgroups, enrolling in an early childhood education and care service or kindy program.

It may take a few months for your child to develop links between words and meanings in their new language, and they may need your help or help from educators at the service. Building an understanding of English will help your child understand instructions, communicate with other children and educators and feel a sense of belonging at the service. It can also help them develop an understanding of other cultures.

While playing with other children, your child will hear words that are repeated and often predictable, as children will also use body language, toys and other props to communicate while playing. Educators can also help include your child and help them to understand.

Learning through play is important for young children, as it boosts self-esteem, develops important skills and lets them explore their world.

Remember, in Queensland, all children have the right to access quality early childhood education and care services. You can speak to your local service about your child’s language skills and culture to help educators provide the best learning opportunities for your child.

Find out more about interpreter services available.

Image Mother and two young children read a book at an early years service

Published — 22 August 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016

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