Little one and family from 3 to 5 years old

Many changes are happening at this time. Little one is learning to become part of the big world.

As little one becomes able to do more on their own they may take on more responsibility, like getting themselves dressed.

They are also learning how to make friends and get along with others outside the family.

Much of this growth still happens through the relationship with you, their parents or carers.

You may also encourage your child to learn skills through play, like expressing feelings, sharing and making choices.

These skills all help when they go to kindergarten.

Starting kindergarten can be exciting and scary for the family.

This transition takes time and can be helped by building strong communication between parents/carers and the service.

Talking with little one about their fears, visiting the service and yarning about what happens there may also help make the transition smoother.

Little one will get the chance to practise their new skills even more at kindergarten through play, which helps them be ready for starting school the next year.

By working together, the community and parents/carers can make sure little one grows strong as they become part of the big world.

At this time, little one may be:

  • going to childcare and/or playgroup
  • enrolling in kindergarten
  • having health checks
  • eating healthy foods
  • meeting people from other cultures
  • toilet training
  • helping with younger bubs
  • learning through play
  • learning to keep teeth clean
  • learning about water safety
  • getting immunised
  • getting ready for school.

At this time, parents and carers may be:

  • taking little one for health checks
  • talking, reading and singing with little one
  • joining in when little one plays
  • bringing culture into daily life and play e.g. fishing and cooking with little one
  • setting limits on screen time (less than 1 hour per day)
  • being positive role models for little one and ensuring little one has positive role models
  • teaching little one about brushing teeth
  • giving little one healthy foods
  • taking little one to get immunised
  • teaching little one water safety
  • getting ready for little one to start school.

Getting ready to go to kindy and school is an exciting time.  Find out what year your child can start kindy or school using the Kindy Calculator.


Published — 25 June 2019 Last updated — 25 June 2019

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