From home to kindy to school

By working together, families, kindy teachers and school staff can all support children as they transition from home to kindy to school.

At home
You know your child best and know what might help them enjoy a great start to school. You can support your child at this important time by:

  • making time to talk, read and relax before school starts
  • talking about how your child is feeling, and adjusting routines at home to match their moods and energy levels.

At kindy
Kindy can help your child make friends, build confidence and develop a love of learning. You can ask your child’s kindy teacher about starting school.

Talk to your child’s kindy teacher about:

You can share your kindy transition statement with your school by signing the parent/carer consent form. It is about your child’s learning in kindy. You and your child’s kindy teacher will develop the kindy transition statement together with suggestions about supporting their start to school.

At school
Your child’s kindy transition statement can support the conversation with your new teacher in getting to know your child so they can better support their social and emotional and learning needs when they start school

It can support you to talk to your child’s school teacher about:

  • your child’s interests
  • how your child learns
  • your child’s time at kindy
  • your goals for your child
  • how your child makes friends.

When you sign the parent/carer consent form, you can also give permission for the kindy and Prep teachers (or other relevant school staff) to contact each other to talk about information on your child’s kindy transition statement.

This is one way for the school and Prep teacher to get to know your child and family before the school year, and begin to prepare for a great start to school.

Joining the community
Your whole family joins a new community when your child starts school. It’s a chance for you to make new friends with other families and support each other.

You can meet other families by:

  • going to school P&C nights
  • helping in the tuckshop or uniform shop
  • spending time in your child’s classroom.
Published — 20 June 2018 Last updated — 13 November 2019

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