Frequently asked kindy questions (FAQs)

  • Why is kindergarten (kindy) important?
    • Kindy allows children to learn basic social, numeracy and literacy skills in the year before attending Prep. A year of kindy helps children get used to a structured learning environment and children who attend kindy find the transition to school less daunting. Read more here.
  • How do I find a kindy that suits my child’s needs?
    • Each service in Queensland is rated under the National Quality Framework (NQF), you can ask your service to see their ratings or view online. Find out more here.
    • Use our kindy finder to find an approved kindy program close to your home or work.
  • What is the difference between long day care and kindy?
    • Kindy is a part-time educational program available to children in the year before they attend school (children of four years of age). Kindy programs are available at a range of early childhood education and care service options. View different service options here.
  • Are there interpreter services available?
    • Yes. Early childhood education and care services in Queensland have access to a free interpreter service. Find out more here.
  • Can I be involved in my child’s early learning?
    • Yes. Children are learning from birth, and as parents, you are their first teacher. You can be involved in supporting learning at home by talking and engaging with your child. You can also discuss with your local service provider about ways to be involved in your child’s education and care while attending the service.
  • When should I start engaging my child in learning around the home?
    • It is never too early to start engaging with, and providing learning opportunities for your child. A baby’s brain begins developing in the womb and undergoes huge growth and development in the early years. They are learning through every experience. This website provides information and tips for parents to help make their child’s early years count.
  • What are the fees and costs of early childhood education and care services in Queensland?
    • Fees and cost structures vary between services. Visit your local service to inquire about their fee structure. There are also government subsidies and rebates such as the Child Care Subsidy available to reduce the cost of kindy, and Australian Government subsidies for long day care.
  • How can I get my child to and from a service?
    • Each service is different, speak to your local service to find out transport options.



Published — 25 June 2019 Last updated — 28 October 2019

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