Empower our children to become stronger

Kevina Suey is a community leader who enjoys getting involved with her local kindy and community in Toowoomba.

Kevina said kindy was a great place for children to learn and grow strong.

‘Kindy is wonderful, just the things they teach,’ she said.

‘We’re giving them a big step up and empowering them, making them stronger for school.

‘That’s what we want to give our children because education is power.

‘From day-dot we want to empower our children to become stronger.’

Kevina said Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children need more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander role models and educators to show them the way at kindy.

‘As a Murri woman, we learn different to everyone else.

‘We don’t learn from paper, you have to show us, sit down at our level and talk with us, not at us. That’s how we learn.

‘It’s been taught for a long time, for centuries.

‘So just being involved as an Aboriginal person with our younger ones, it strengthens them.

‘It makes them learn quicker, faster.

‘It’s just a sense of belonging.’

She added that education today is much different to when she was growing up, and she encourages more families to consider kindy for their children.

‘Education this day and age is very powerful.

‘Back in the day, our people only went to grade two and that was their only education.

‘But look what we’ve got today, our children can become Prime Minister if they continue through with education.’

‘To go out in the world with that sort of strength… mighty.’

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Published — 24 June 2019 Last updated — 06 February 2020

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