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You can find a range of support services for you and your child all in one location at your local Early Years Place.

Social worker Dianne visits an Early Years Place on Palm Island regularly and said it’s a wonderful place to access services for the whole family.

‘It’s a place where a lot of our families can come, whether they want to have a health check, see a doctor, talk about health issues, or they want to come and bring their children to playgroup or early childhood learning,’ Dianne said.

‘It’s a great learning place, not only for the children but for the parents and carers as well, and even the staff – everybody is learning all the time.

‘We might get a young mum, dad and children come in and they don’t feel sick or anything, but they still see a doctor because our doctors are great about talking to families and just working out the best way to help them.

‘Playgroup is a wonderful learning place for our mums, dads and children too.

‘Playing and socialising with other children, getting to know other people and just interacting – all those things are really important for the child’s growth.

‘They meet families, they meet other people, they come to see the doctors or the physios or eye specialist.

‘It’s a great social place, and it’s all positive, and it’s great for children to be in that positive environment for growth and development, and have this positive outlook on life.

‘Children are happy if they see happy adults and that’s just wonderful.’

Early Years Places are located across Queensland, making it easy for families to connect with services and support their child’s early development.

Find your local Early Years Place.

Published — 08 November 2018 Last updated — 11 February 2019

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