What is kindy?

Kindergarten (kindy) is a part-time educational program available to children in the year before school

At kindy, your child will:

  • make friends, share and play with others
  • express themselves through art, dance and dramatic play
  • learn through new experiences
  • become more confident and feel strong
  • communicate ideas and feelings
  • build on their knowledge and explore new ideas, helping their confident transition to school.

Did you know?
Parents, carers and families are welcome to join in the fun at their child’s kindy. Ask your local kindy how you can get involved.

Frequently asked questions
How do I find and choose a kindy?
How do I enrol my child in kindy?
What does kindy cost?
When can my child go to kindy?

Published — 16 October 2016 Last updated — 09 August 2018