We grow together

A proud Wiradyuri Gamilaraay woman and singer/songwriter, Sharron “Mirii” Lindh believes strong connections to culture, language and self-identity is an important part of the early learning journey for all.

In 2017, Sharron wrote and recorded Walking on Country -Ngurambangga Yanhanha, a song in the language of the Wiradyuri people, as a way to share culture and support the early learning journey of all little ones.


The first learning is at home

“It doesn’t take one person to raise a child, it takes a community.”

With 27 years’ experience within early childhood and primary sectors, Sharron’s passion is driven by her own life experiences, allowing her to share her unique culture to provide better educational outcomes for all. Sharron is continually inspired by the many young children she connects with daily.

“From when they are born, children take their first breath and they are breathing in the air. The air comes from the trees, the trees are born from the mother and father sky. So straight away they are connected, to wherever they have been born.”

“Any connection you can get to being out in that natural environment, for our young people; it’s imperative for their well being.”


 Aboriginal culture is not what I do, it is who I am.

Sharron has an insatiable passion for sharing her continual dreaming story, in hope that we all can walk together with respect, sharing, and caring for Mother Earth, her waters, each other and living things.

Join Sharron, as she shares her views on the early learning journey, from the home, at playgroup and in the community.

Published — 24 June 2017 Last updated — 07 July 2017