We all play a part

“We all are involved in that growth and that learning and sharing, of bringing our young ones through, because they’re our future leaders.”

Suzanne Thompson was born and raised in Barcaldine. Her custodial connection to country has been continuous and carries on the work of her father the late David Thompson, great grandparents King Billy and Polly of Bonnie Doon and Lourne, all of which had traditional links to the lands of the Kunngeri and Iningai peoples.

Sharing the early learning journey

Working with local community members, Suzanne facilitated the creation of the artwork Ngana Waguna Woori Mumba, meaning ‘we grow children together’ in the Alice River language of the Inigai country. The artwork shows how children and elder generations continue to learn and grow together, throughout the early years.

Join Suzanne as she shares her story, and the importance of connections in the early learning journey.

Published — 25 June 2017 Last updated — 03 July 2017