Talking about sleep and rest

Every early childhood education and care service is different, and each service will have slightly different routines, including rest time.


How did they sleep today?

Speaking to your child’s educator about how much rest your child has at home and some soothing techniques you have found to work for your child can help them support your child’s needs.

If your child is old enough, talking to them about sleep and their routine can be a great way to understand how they are feeling and work together to ensure they are getting enough rest. (Check out what some of the children in this video have to say about their own sleep patterns.)


Routines and change

Having a regular routine can help you and your child balance rest time at their service and at home.  However, throughout the early years, your child’s sleep and rest needs will continue to change as they grow so it’s important to continue to check in with your child and educators to support your child’s individual sleep needs.

A recent Early Years Sleep Study conducted by the Queensland Department of Education and Training and Queensland University of Technology, recommends R-E-S-T to help parents understand how to cater to their child’s specific sleep needs.

Published — 12 July 2017 Last updated — 12 July 2017