Supporting your curious toddler

Between the ages of one and three, your toddler is learning how to be an individual. This involves a lot of experimenting and exploring, and your child will need you to help them discover and grow safely.

Fostering curiosity

A toddler’s curiosity helps them learn by testing and experimenting with things around them. While they will need your help to navigate dangers along the way, it is important that you support their curiosity to build self-esteem and help them learn.

Provide a safe environment for your child to explore freely, while you keep a watchful eye. They may even want you to engage with them in play, as they will learn how to interact with certain things from watching you.

  • Avoid constantly telling your child ‘no’.
  • Make a trade or offer two choices that you are happy with.

For example, if your child is sucking on your favourite scarf, replace it with a less precious item. Providing them with a choice such as an option between wearing a red or green shirt will foster responsibility and independence.

Image Curious toddler investigates life in the garden

Published — 30 August 2016 Last updated — 31 October 2016
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