Settling in to Queensland childcare

Starting kindy and playgroups can be an intense time for children, especially for families adapting to a new country, culture, language and environment.

Involving your child in the community through playgroups or quality early childhood education and care services can allow them to develop a sense of belonging in their new world. It can also give you the opportunity to establish a support network with other parents and educators in your local community.

It may seem daunting at first to overcome language and cultural differences, but service providers work to create an inclusive environment for all children to benefit from and feel safe. You can talk to your educators about your child’s cultural background, language and family history to help your child feel safe and confident to attend. You might even want to discuss how you can become involved in your child’s learning and play.

Engaging your child in learning experiences at a young age helps them succeed in later learning. A child’s brain is developing rapidly in the early years and they are learning through every experience.

By becoming involved in playgroups, a kindy program or an early childhood education and care service, your child will learn to interact with other children in the community, other cultures, and can develop a sense of belonging. Being able to communicate at an early age can help children develop a love of learning and benefit them later in life.

Translator services are also available for services, more information here.

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Image Family members smile as they watch their toddler play with colourful toys


Published — 15 September 2016 Last updated — 14 November 2016