Story time: knowing what to read

Finding reading material that your child is happy to engage with will not only make story time fun and easy, but will also benefit your child’s understanding of language.

Take notice of your child’s reactions to stories. Repeat the parts they like, skip sections they want to skip, read the books they want to read and be prepared to read the same books over and over again. Children like stories with happy endings, and often enjoy an ending they have been looking forward to, rather than a surprise ending.

Make it enjoyable

A story with a bit of trickery, humour or jumbled words can be exciting for young children, as long as they can see how they will get through it. They relate best to stories about things they know, such as stories with characters their age.

Encourage your child to read words that they find in their environment. For example, street signs, words on t-shirts, billboards, packaging and even magazines and instruction manuals can be interesting for young children. If you are interested and engaged, they are more likely to be too.

Image Children talk to educator about a book they are reading as they enjoy storytime

Published — 29 August 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016