I Spy, games with words and sounds

Discussing sounds and word structure can be a fun way to play around with language.

The age-old favourite, I Spy, is a great game for getting children thinking about letters, sounds and words. By encouraging children to think about the sounds and letters that make up a word, you are helping your child improve their language skills.

Finding words for play

Other word games can use:

  • letters from a sign
  • number plate
  • initials.

Finding letterss in their environment encourages children to get creative with words. Try making up a funny sentence or name of a company from the letters on a car licence plate while travelling. Getting the family involved and encouraging jokes makes learning and practising words fun.

Creating rhymes is another great way to encourage your child to think about sounds and spelling. For example, asking them to name words that rhyme with car, or to create a funny poem.

By playing with words and having fun, you are boosting your child’s vocabulary and language skills. Finding humour in words and sounds also develops your child’s sense of humour and supports a love of learning.

How to play

Take turns with your child to find something you can see, then tell them the first letter of the word so they can try to guess. For example, if you can see a tree, say ‘I spy, with my little eye… something beginning with… T’.

Image Young child explores outside with a magnifying glass

Published — 11 October 2016 Last updated — 18 January 2017