Running on toddler time

Toddlers can find it hard to change from one activity to another, so it is important that you factor in extra time and use sensitivity to help them cope.

As your toddler learns good behaviour, there will be some trying times. Children thrive on consistency and predictability, so try to maintain a steady routine.

You should consider taking action if your toddler has a habit that is interfering with everyday activities, has become embarrassing or is causing harm. Smacking does not change a child’s behaviour in a good way, and could result in them attempting to copy that behaviour.

Leave extra time

Tell your toddler what it is you want and use positive attention to encourage your child. Understanding that you may need to allow extra time for your child to learn or adapt to a routine can reduce stress levels and help them learn.

Image Mother and toddler out and about

Published — 30 August 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016