Quality time with grandparents

Quality time with grandparents provides support for parents and strengthens important relationships.

Every family is different, and the role of being a grandparent will differ between each family. Close and positive relationships are important for babies to develop. Having a close relationship with their grandparents can help children understand their culture and heritage, make them feel safe and build a sense of belonging.

Quality one-on-one time is about engaging with your grandchild, and can be through visits, phone calls, letters or assisting with care. It’s important to find what works for your family.

Babies and children are constantly learning; and by playing together, talking and listening, reading books or involving them in your everyday activities, you are helping them learn early literacy, maths and social skills.

Spending quality time with your grandchild can also be a support to their parents. By being there emotionally, keeping up-to-date with achievements and interests, and providing care or babysitting you are developing a relationship with your grandchild and supporting their parents.

When providing care for your grandchild, talking with their parents about routines beforehand can help create a smooth transition for the child. It’s important to establish routines and practices.

Image Young child smiles as they hug their grandparent

Published — 10 October 2016 Last updated — 02 November 2016