Playing with kindy-aged children

Playtime with kindy-aged children will build upon the knowledge and skills they have developed through learning at home since birth.

Structured and unstructured play lets kids learn about themselves and the world around them through trying out new ideas. Playing with other kids helps kindy-aged children learn social skills like teamwork, conflict resolution and empathy.

Let’s play

Household objects still make great toys and craft supplies will help you get creative. Why not raid the kitchen and grab old milk containers, wooden spoons and cardboard boxes, along with scrunched up paper, saucepans and old clothes for your child to use in unstructured play.

These can also be used with a few favourite CDs to stage at-home dance parties or music concerts. Toys such as frizbees and balls can help encourage kindy-aged children to catch, throw and roll.

Image parent and four year olds enjoy playing together in a sandpit outdoors

Published — 30 August 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016