Parents’ perspective on kindy

We all know that parents have an important part to play in the education of little ones. Cairns community member Ray Sambo spoke to parents and carers in Far North Queensland to discover more about their experiences of kindergarten and early years education.

Parents talked to Ray about their little ones who have attended or are attending kindy now, and how their lives have been touched by the experience. They talked about the benefits of play-based learning at kindy, how it helps prepare kids for school and how their children have built resilience and confidence through attending kindy.

Lisa’s little boy attended kindy last year and said he really enjoyed all the different activities available. ‘The play-based activities are fantastic, and all the arts and crafts,’ she said.

Renee’s little girl is currently attending kindy in Cairns, she said it was a safe and happy environment. ‘It encourages my daughter to be herself and to push herself, and the teachers encourage it too,’ she said.

Linda said she thought kindy helped her little girl with transitioning to school. ‘Going to kindy helped her in going to Prep. Things like reading, writing and listening to the teacher,’ Linda said.

Scott’s little boy loved kindy so much, he wanted to go every day! ‘He loves kindy, he wanted to come on his days off. He is always saying “kindy today, kindy today”,’ said Scott.

You can hear more from parents in Far North Queensland by viewing the latest videos on the Department of Education’s YouTube Channel.

Published — 31 August 2016 Last updated — 09 August 2018