Ngana Waguna Woori Mumba

We grow children together. From birth, our children are growing and learning from everyone around them.

Ngana Waguna Woori Mumba, meaning ‘we grow children together’ in the Alice River language of the Inigai country, is an artwork created by artist Suzanne Thompson, through collaboration with community groups and families.

We grow children together

This is a story of the early learning journey from before birth, as little ones grow and learn throughout the early years. Babies and children are nurtured by parents, aunties, uncles, cousins and other family members, helping them to feel safe and loved as they learn through playgroup, kindy and Prep.

The head of the Rainbow Serpent represents Elders and the past, the tail represents our children and future. Children are guided towards knowledge, connection and culture, with pride in who they are and where they come from.

With the knowledge of elders, guidance and love of family and nurturing of community, we all play a part in making the early years count.

Every child’s early learning journey is unique and different, as they learn and grow through everyday moments and experiences with family and community.

Published — 27 June 2017 Last updated — 30 June 2017