Learning self with Aunty Maureen

Aunty Maureen Mossman is a descendent of the Guggandji people of Yarrabah and an Elder in her community of Cairns. She has devoted her life to educating young people. With 35 years’ experience as an early childhood teacher and mentor in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Aunty Maureen believes early learning sets children up for school and life.

“Learning starts at home. You have to teach them rights from wrongs, the do’s from the don’ts. It prepares them as they go on to the bigger, wider world.”

“I would say go, go and find out what the kindergarten or playgroup has to offer.”


Early learning is a right

Having lived in a time when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people fought for the right to be seen and heard, Aunty Maureen believes early childhood education is the basic foundation for giving children a better chance in life.

Join Aunty Maureen as she shares her early learning story. Find out more about learning at home kindy or playgroup here.

Published — 26 June 2017 Last updated — 28 June 2017