Learning can happen anywhere

Everyday experiences with the family can provide important opportunities for children to learn numeracy, literacy and language.

Encourage your child to learn mathematical concepts by starting with small, everyday examples. Counting out steps as you walk, measuring ingredients for cooking or sorting objects into categories will help your child make connections and learn.

Language skills are developed through conversation and listening, so simply talking with your child can be a learning experience in itself.

Literacy skills can be developed wherever there are words; in the shopping centre, at the table or in the street. Point out words to your child and encourage them to find letters or sounds they recognise. Enhance everyday learning by introducing new words and concepts as you involve your child in what you are doing and by encouraging them to ask questions.

You can create learning opportunities in daily routines by reading out signs as you run errands, telling your child about where you are going and why, and encouraging them to ask questions.

Getting moving and asking your child to help carry or sort also supports motor skills and physical development. Learning and engaging through everyday experiences teaches a love of learning for your child, and can help you fit learning time into your day.

Image Young children watch and listen as they make craft from household items 

Published — 16 September 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016