Joining the kindy community

In the first years of a child’s life, their family are their first teachers. This is why having parents and families involved in the kindy community makes the best experience for little ones.

Before kids start school, there is the opportunity to send little ones to kindy programs to give them new learning experiences and help get them ready for starting school.

When parents and caregivers get involved in their child’s kindy experience, they help their child feel happy to learn and proud of their efforts. Getting involved creates a strong community to help little ones learn and grow up strong.

When you talk to your early childhood educators and get involved in the kindy community, you can make sure your kids have the best go.

Help your child feel at home

Getting to know your local early childhood educators can make you feel safe and can help you understand what your kids are learning. They can also give you updates on how your child is going during the year.

You can show little ones that you are proud of them being involved by talking to them about what they do at kindy. Families are a kid’s first teachers so showing them that you are a part of their kindy community will make little ones excited to go.

Published — 04 September 2016 Last updated — 13 January 2017