Getting involved in kindy

Families are a child’s first teachers, and parents are role models for little ones. If parents get involved in the kindy community, kids are more excited to be involved as well.

Be a part of your little one’s learning by taking them to and from kindy and talking to them about what they did and what they learned. You can even talk to your local service about getting involved in arts and crafts, music or other activities.

Remember, after kids come home from kindy, they are still learning and there are fun ways for little ones to learn each day. If you are walking on the beach, talk to your child about the waves, or sound out letters you mark in the sand.

Check out some more ideas from kindies in the Torres Strait, about how families can be involved.

Video originally sourced from the DET Foundations For Success website, providing additional guidance to the Early Years Learning Framework for the delivery quality early learning programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Published — 15 September 2016 Last updated — 22 December 2016