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Playing games and interacting with family and friends teaches your child social skills needed to build positive relationships and work well with others.

Here are some game ideas to help your child learn as they play.

Family balance races

What you will need: a bean bag for each family member (you can make your own by filling a bag with rice or beans).

What to do: have each family member line up and place the bags on their head. Have one person yell ‘Ready, set, go!’, and each member must walk to the finish line while balancing the bag on their head.

Family obstacle course

What you will need: obstacles such as chairs, rope, boxes and tables.

What to do: set up the course with your child and work with them to decide the race route and actions to pass each obstacle. Complete the course one at a time, encouraging each family member.

Pretend bakery shop

What you will need: playdough, a table and two players.

What to do: players will share the playdough and make different items for their shop (bread, cakes, apples, etc.). They work together to fill the table, then one person can be the ‘shop keeper’ and the other can be the ‘customer’. The players can continue to make new things and switch roles.

Image Adult and child practice balancing on an obstacle course

Published — 30 August 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016