The five ways: Read & Count

You can find words and numbers all around you. By pointing out letters, words and numbers in the home, street and community, you can help your child develop early literacy and numeracy skills.


Early numeracy

Try counting steps, measuring ingredients, or sorting toys or clothes into sizes, colour or shapes. Check out some ideas for learning maths everyday here.


Learning literacy

It’s never too soon to start reading with your child. Reading books with babies, toddlers and young children is a great way to develop literacy skills and learn about their world.

You can also find words by reading street signs, pointing out letters in their name or practising writing (this starts by mimicking you, by making squiggles and lines on a page). Watch the video to hear what our Early Years Ambassador has to say about early reading and writing.

Published — 03 July 2017 Last updated — 03 July 2017