Exploring writing from a young age

Children learn from the world around them and will often take an interest in learning to write from an early age. Initial attempts will be made through role-play writing, where your child can mimic the action of writing by making squiggles and lines on paper.

This exploration into shape and symbol is important for your child in understanding that letters are used to write the sounds you hear in words. You can support their interest by encouraging your child to become aware of printed words in their environment, and learn the sounds and shapes of letters.

Understanding how words work

Pointing to a word as you say it out aloud can help your child understand that words can be both written down and read.

  • Demonstrate the sounds as you read to help them learn to recognise the sounds of different letters and letter combinations.
  • Sounding out words helps children learn to recognise the letters of the alphabet from the sounds they hear.

Nurture your child’s interest in writing by supporting them when they show an interest in writing or if they ask you to write something for them. Encourage them to have a go, whether it is drawing and making shapes, practising sounds and letter shapes or discussing the words they see, this early exploration is laying the foundation for learning in later years.

Image Educator and child practice writing together

Published — 29 August 2016 Last updated — 18 January 2017