Don’t ignore your own feelings

Being a new parent is an intense experience. It can be upsetting to have your baby cry and not be able to stop them, particularly if you’re short on sleep.

Sometimes it is so overwhelming you’re not sure you can cope. If this happens, make sure your child is safe and then leave the room until you feel better. You may find taking the baby out for fresh air helps. You can also call a friend or loved one.

Everyone needs support sometimes

Having a strong support network can be an important part of raising your child, here are some places you can look to for support.

If you find you are feeling down and irritable most of the time, talk to your doctor or a person you trust. If you need someone to talk to, you can also call, chat with or email Beyond Blue for help and support.


Image Parents smile and talk together while their children play

Published — 31 August 2016 Last updated — 31 October 2016