Developing gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are to do with large muscle groups; including the coordination and movement of arms, legs and other large body parts. Developing gross motor skills happens over time, by using different muscle groups.

Rolling over, crawling, standing and walking will come with time.

Very young babies have little control over their bodies, and so they will rely on you for support to move safely and comfortably. By encouraging your child to learn how to move their body through tummy time, you are supporting them in building strength and getting mobile.

You can encourage your child to use their developing motor skills as they learn and grow by playing and moving together. For older children, obstacle courses requiring different physical movement and balance are a great way to develop and strengthen skills.

As your child grows, they will become interested in different activities, but there are many ways to support your child’s motor skill development at each age.

Outdoor play can develop gross motor skills

Published — 17 October 2017 Last updated — 17 October 2017