Remembering the old ways with Aunty Ruby

“Our children need us. We don’t want them to forget the old ways of walking, the stories of country.”

Aunty Ruby Rose is a Mununjali and Wangerriburra Elder. She is an experienced and compelling storyteller, working with people of all ages and cultures.  Her family has long been involved in the struggle to set up Indigenous housing, education, health and legal services.

Having supported many initiatives across government, serving to strengthen community connection to culture and access to services, Aunty Ruby is passionate about creating places of ‘belonging’ for young children where Elders can mentor and teach stories.


We can make a difference

“I think our children will find that place of belonging, if our elders can take that step into those early childhood spaces, and say, I want my children to hear the stories.”

“We walk alongside our jahjums (little ones) and share the journey with them. That way, all our children will enjoy their lifelong learning and have a future of shared tomorrows.”

Aunty Ruby believes early learning is a shared experience that happens side by side, it is important to sit and listen to the way the children want to learn things.

“We are all learning, all the time. Value it. It’s the most precious gift in this world.”

Published — 19 June 2017 Last updated — 07 July 2017