Make the early years count.

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Make the early years count.

Complete these five questions and find personalised tips and activities, to support your child's early learning and development.

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What is your relationship with the child?


What best describes your location?


If you had a spare moment, what would you most likely do with the child?


And finally…

Do you speak another language at home apart from English?
Are you of Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander descent?
Does the child need additional support with their development or learning?
Now we know a little more about the content that might interest you we’ve compiled it into a handy page for you.
Babies and young children are learning through every experience, every day.

There are so many ways to make your child’s early years count.


The early years

Young children's brains are developing at a rapid rate, building the foundations for all future learning later in life. Providing a supportive and caring environment with everyday learning opportunities makes the early years count.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

Information for families to support their child's development in the early years, access services and transition to school. Supporting families and communities to promote language and culture in programs, and positive identity and belonging in the early years.

Multicultural families

Information for families to access early childhood education and care services, promote learning in the home and transition to school. Encouraging families to promote cultural identity and language to develop multicultural early childhood communities.

Activities for kids

Get your kids involved in these games and activities. From building obstacle courses and garden projects outdoors, to recipes for making paint and playdough at home, there are lots of ways to support your child's learning through play.

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